Comprafranca offers the following services

Sell directly to Argentina through the door-to-door shipping service. The sale will be closed as soon as your order is dispatched and handed to postal service or courier...Comprafranca will take care of everything else.

If the customer regrets the purchase for any reason, the order may be returned to Comprafranca as long as it is unused (returned items must have tags still on and be returned in original product packaging). After the product is inspected and eligible for refund, the total amount of money (purchase value + taxes) will be returned to your customer by Comprafranca.

In case of any warranty claim, Comprafranca will adapt to the policy of your company. We may receive the order, analyze it, and if eligible for warranty, the problem will be solved according to the company or supplier’s orders.

Comprafranca handles customer's inquiries from the moment that the order is shipped by your company. The door-to-door system is well known and used by Argentine buyers, but local customer service is a valued and trusted complement.

Comprafranca will provide your company with the purchase tax percentage that customers will pay. This information, along with a market research, will allow the company to offer a competitive price to Argentine customers.

Comprafranca is your direct sale partner 😉

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